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Thai Spring Rolls (2 pcs)

Two per order. Crispy roll sstuffed with cabbage, carrot, oyster, mushroom...
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Thai Chicken Wings

Crispy wings served with Thai spicy plum sauce
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Samosa (2 pcs)

Two per order. Crispy pastries stuffed with veggies or meat served with...


Crispy calamari served with spicy aioli and sesame seeds.
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Crispy Tofu

Deep fried tofu served with Thai peanut sauce. *contains peanuts
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Shrimp Chips

Crispy shrimp chips served with Thai peanut sauce. *contains peanuts
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One On Assorted Platter

Two skewers of shrimp satay, spring rolls, calamari, crispy tofu and shrimp...
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Thai Fresh Rolls

Rice paper roll, stuffed with tofu, mango, carrot, lettuce, mixed greens,...
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Vegetarian Platter Vegetarian

Our vegetarian specialties, crispy tofu, green mango salad, spring rolls,...
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Shrimp Rolls

Five per order. Crispy rolls stuffed with marinated shrimp served with...
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Two skewers of tasty protein, marinated with unique fragrant spices. Served...