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Lemongrass Coconut Soup

Lemongrass soup with coconut milk

Green Mango Salad

A Thai favourite with fresh mango, coriander, onions, sweet pepper, peanuts...
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Tom Yum (Lemongrass Soup) Spicy

Fresh lemongrass, lime leaves, galanga, lemon Juice, soya, chili paste...
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Hot and Sour Soup Spicy

One of Thailand's most famous spicy and sour soups with tofu, oyster, mushroom,...
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Seafood Salad Spicy

Crabs, shrimps, squid and mussels marinated with Thai special spicy sauce,...
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Spicy Beef Salad Spicy

Thin slices of grilled beef marinated with Thai special spicy sauce, red...